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Network Copy Protection 1.0.2 Publisher's Description

Network backup software significantly reduces risk of 'Loss of data' by maintaining a copy of your data on the remote server. It acts as insurance cover for your data and makes it available to you when you need it.
Network Copy Protection software is a backup and archival solution that addresses needs of small businesses and home users. Cadence Data Soft has designed this software from ground up keeping in mind requirements of small businesses and home users including availability of resources with them. Which means it is packed with features that are just right for you and very easy to use with little or no learning curve.
Product Features:
• Network based backup
• Server can handle concurrent backup sessions
• NTFS and FAT file system backup
• Backup of encrypted files, with out exposing your data
• Backup I-Pod, Pen drive, Camera etc. (raw file system)
• Single right click backup
• Multiple folder selection for backup
• Uses snapshot technology
• Integrated with Windows XP security
• Designate existing user as backup operator
• Compression for reduced disk space usage
• Selectively backup active profiles of Outlook emails, contacts, tasks.
• IntelliBoost technology to boost backup performance
• PKZIP format (open archive format), supports 64 bit fields i.e. very large archive can be created
• Backup of Internet explorer favorites, thru ‘Internet Explorer’
• Works over both wired and wireless networks.
What more we are there to hold your hands when you need us, drop an email to and we will help you with you queries.

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